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D.I.Y. Do It Yourself Instrument Cluster Replacement Parts for GMC, Lexus, Ford, Infiniti, Nissan, Toyota, Chevy, Hummer, Escalade,


Looking for replacement parts? You can find them all right here.

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number within the 48 continental US.

If you have any doubts on what you need you can email us first. 


Factory Original Bulbs w/o base.


GMC/Chevy/Escalade Replacement Back Lighting Bulbs FREE SHIPPING - 786-355-7660

Factory Original Bulbs w/o base


Factory Original Bulbs w/base.


GMC/Chevy/Escalade Replacement Back Lighting Bulbs with Base FREE SHIPPING - 786-355-7660

Factory Original Bulbs w/base


Original GM (Switec Juken) X27.168. Stepper Motors Only.


GM Factory Original GM Instrument Cluster Stepper Motors FREE SHIPPING - 786-355-7660

Original GM X27.168 Stepper Motors

 Instrument Cluster Back-up Bin Files ! 

Lost the original programming information for your speedometer?

It happens. If you were programming your instrument cluster and something went work due to a bad connection or loss of power you might need one of our programming files below. This will restore your instrument cluster back to working condition so you can continue to reprogram your immobilizer or odometer.

We have instrument cluster back-up Bin files for many makes and models. 

Check out our extensive list of instrument cluster back up files below!


 List of Available Instrument Cluster Bin Files ! 

Acura Bin Files

Audi Bin Files

Cadillac Bin Files

Chevy Silverado Bin Files

Chevy Blazer Bin Files

Chevy Avalanche Bin Files

Chevy Suburban Bin Files

Chevy Tahoe Bin Files

Dodge Ram Bin Files

Ford Mustang Bin Files

Ford F-150 Bin Files

Ford Expedition Bin Files

Ford Escape Bin Files

Ford Edge Bin Files

Ford Taurus Bin Files

GMC Sierra Bin Files

GMC Yukon Bin Files

Honda Accord Bin Files

Honda Civic Bin Files

Honda CR-V Bin Files

Honda MDX Bin Files

Honda Odyssey Bin Files

Hummer H2 Bin Files

Hyundai Santa Fe Bin Files

Hyundai Sonata Bin Files

Infiniti G35 Bin Files

Infiniti G35 Bin Files

Infiniti FX35 Bin Files

Infiniti G37 Bin Files

Infiniti M37 Bin Files

Infiniti QX50 Bin Files

Infiniti QX60 Bin Files

Infiniti GS350 Bin Files

More to come!

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